Walk North – A Documentary about the Appalachian Trail

Last night, I was blessed to sit down and watch this incredibly moving documentary with my family.  If you have ever hiked the Appalachian Trail, thought about hiking the AT, or only hiked 10 ft in your whole life (which would be pathetic), you need to watch this movie.  I am so blessed to have a friend like Kern Ducote, who not only hiked the whole trail, but did so with all of his camera equipment, so that he could share the glory of it all with us.  It is only $10 and will truly bless a group of your friends or family with an experience up the east coast, while inspiring hope for humanity with the deeds of people witnessed along the trail.  To watch the full movie, just go HERE.

Kern Ducote

Kern Ducote, Director of Walk North and an incredible friend

Andrew Bellisle

Founder of The Network 5.12