Write for this Blog

In my blog, posts come in different flavors, but all fulfill my goal to create a community growing spiritually via outdoor adventure. I also invite YOU to be a part of this creative process. Below are the types of articles I will post—some of them, like Feature Stories, are primarily written by me, but I can’t do all of the writing. Join me and send me some of your own discoveries.

Feature Stories – These 750-2,000 word stories are just that: stories filled with tales of adventure, inspirational insights, and real-world examples of spiritual and physical growth.

Mini-features – If you want to post here for the first time—mini-features are a great way to do so. Like larger features, these posts emphasize story, growth, and community, but on a smaller scale. Pictures are encouraged!  500 words or less.

Photo Features – Images can take the place of story, letting God’s creation speak for itself, as each image comes with a caption and a very brief, one-sentence description.

Film – You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to take great video shots of your spiritual growth in the wilderness. Film features are just like feature stories, only more video-y. I love incorporating video clips into text-based stories as well.

Creative Work – All writing is creative writing, but if your work doesn’t fit in one of the categories above—like, say, a short story, poem, or prayer—then I’d still love to see a sample.

If you have work that fits any of these descriptions and you’d like to see it on this site, please submit a brief sample below.  I’ll consider it and get back to you!