Freedom into Faith

Hello World.

I am Andrew Bellisle: a climber, youth advocate, pastor, husband, son, brother, and friend. I’ve lived all over the country, passionately exploring both the mountains and the stories of strangers. “Freedom into Faith” is where I can put my discoveries. It’s where I share how adventure unveils God’s plans for me, how creation breathes new life into me, and how my own human freedom unlocks a deeper faith each day.

Many suggest that faith in God limits our human freedom. But an adventurous spirit, the wonders of creation, and a loving savior stunningly blend with our human freedom. And when this fusion happens, our freedom even unlocks the deepest kind of faith.

That’s the concept I’ll be exploring here: how adventure continuously points me towards a God who loves me. Thanks to all of you who support me daily. And thank you for reading my thoughts.

If we haven’t met, and you’d like to…feel free to (1) REACH OUT via Facebook, (2) JOIN my email network, (3) WRITE for this blog yourself, or (4) HOST me to speak/preach.

I look forward to connecting!

With Love,

Andrew Bellisle || Author of Freedom into Faith